Business Financing Consulting

Need business funding for a new venture, expansion, or working capital? BNX FInancial solutions are here to help. We help you get the funding you need to meet your business goals.

We can help you find the right funding for working capital, equipment, fleet, or just working capital to build your team whether you have established business credit or not. Take a look at our process below to get more information on how we work.

Our Financial Consulting Process

Step 1: Discovery. We talk with you about your unique business needs.
Step 2: Options. We gather a selection of lending providers for you to choose from.
Step 3: Apply. We walk you through the application process so your funding won’t be delayed for any reason of your own.
Step 4:  Receive your funding.

Our process is never any cost to you. Our goal is to match you with the funding options that best meet your business goals.

Business Loan Types & Amounts

How can we meet your Financial Consulting needs?

Financial Consulting for business financing needs means that you should be prepared to be transparent with us. We know that credit scores and credit issues can stand in the way of getting the financing you need, so honesty is always the best policy. Having a low credit score doesn’t always mean no. Sometimes it just means that you’ll be limited on the options available.

If you’re in the planning phase of your business, getting started earlier means we can offer ways to avoid using your personal credit to acquire the business financing you need. Take a look at our Business Credit solution to open up new options for funding, or contact us today.